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Summary of Macbeth
Macbeth was a noble army general.
He was well respected and honored.
He was loyal to his king, Duncan.
Macbeth and Banquo meet weird sisters.
They predict that Macbeth is the Thane of Glamis, will be the Thane of Cawdor and the King of Scotlnd.
They predict that Banquo's sons will be kings, even if he won't be.
Current Thane of Cawdor killed.
Macbeth gets title.
Macbeth is tempted to murder to get what he wants.
He feels guilty.
Talks himself out of such things.
Duncan announces that Malcolm will be heir.
Macbeth thinks of murder.
He writes to Lady.
She wants to kill king.
She tells Macbeth that he is not a man if he does not take what he wants ( Kill Duncan).
Duncan visits their castle.
Macbeth hesitates murdering Duncan.
(It's Macbeth's job to defend him)
Lady questions his manhood again.
She comes up with plan to drug guards and frame them for murder
Macbeth sees dagger pointing towards sleeping king.
After he kills him, his guilt takes over.
Macbeth hallucinates and
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I like you in an unprofessional way :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 1 2 Self esteem :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 1 0 You're not worth it. :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 0 0 Weak :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 0 0 Color blind. :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 0 0 Idiotically. :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 1 4 I think I made a big mistake. :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 2 0 The weather's getting to me :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 1 3 Ignore This. :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 0 2 Exams :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 0 0 What do I do? :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 0 0 Mental illness is the ultimate :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 1 2 Scales :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 0 0 Guess what? :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 0 0 Talking to myself :iconkrizzi-666:krizzi-666 0 0
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If the world is based of who is best, I will not survive. The light that guides me has shined to bright. The shadows offer nothing but sorrow. I have no place to go, this war has swallowed all I know. The little I cling to, dies of hatred and despair. They say light offers peace and serenity, but filled with empty lies. Shadow holds courage and power, but built on manipulation and fear. I have chosen my own path, to end it all. If there is a way to stop the madness, what will happen to us nothings?    
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What I like about Deviantart
On the internet you show people that you don't know, a little piece of of our life. You get to tell others only what you want you want them to know. You share jokes, fun, and harmony to lighten each other. There is not much pressure to get hit by deadlines. Nobody has to do anything. There is no hate, but only opinion. Life is never easier when all you have to say is lol. If there is serious terms presented, you are bound to find someone to object and agree. Also with how easy it is to get to know someone, you will feel relieved that you have finally found someone just like you. I enjoy watching everyone's  flashes, art, and everything else in between. I love this place and I hope good times follow on your journey.
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Wounds -Poem- :iconteukrome:Teukrome 3 0 Greatest Hold -Poem- :iconteukrome:Teukrome 2 1 Almond tuile :iconyujai:yujai 550 83 colored doodles :icondarkautumstar:darkautumstar 3 5 the dragons demise o3o :icondarkautumstar:darkautumstar 2 4 in the eye of peace :icondarkautumstar:darkautumstar 2 2 dreams shot down :icondarkautumstar:darkautumstar 4 7 abstraction :icondarkautumstar:darkautumstar 3 1
Lipstick Abuse
As the air gets colder, my heart does too.
Wispy strands of hair, hanging over my eyelids.
I pucker up my lips before coating them in make up.
Breaking your heart, not something I intend to do.
Curling iron in my left hand...
Hairspray to coat my newly formed curls.
Can my intentions get much faker?
Slide that diamond ring over my finger,
Hook that clasp around my neck.
I'm getting ready for the drama.
Will all this mascara be washed away?
Thick streams of crying eyeliner.
It's important for you to think I'm strong.
Bracelets all up my arms, hiding the scars.
High heels to make me taller than you.
When you hit me tonight, I swear to fight back.
The final touches to my outfit...
A loaded pistol with my matching black purse.
Here comes the damage.
You walk in with your new tramp.
My jewelry jingles as the trigger is pulled on you.
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 19 49
Without you
There is only one of us here,
so tonight I will continue to miss you.
I will lay in my bed,
wishing it weren't just me in it.
As many times as I wish to die,
The last person I think of wouldn't like it.
Being so far away makes it harder,
But it's the only reason I continue to breathe.
There is always hope.
I wonder, how long it will last?
Without you I promise,
I will die.
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 3 3
Dark Life
All I see is blue.
Darker shades, surrounding my pupil.
I'm a bit tense, a little shaky.
Every feeling I have, is only numb.
I can't even think straight.
My mind is frozen, absolutely stuck.
It's a possibility, that this is depression.
A side effect of too much medication.
Maybe even slightly hormonal.
Everything I look at, turns to gray.
If I see a cloud, it's been washed away.
Even the ocean looks dull to me.
Trying to cheer me up, makes me angry.
There isn't a day when I can act normal.
Something holds me back, is it that I'm a bit insane?
Black, and white is the way I work.
I've never had a day that was just okay.
It's either up, or down.
Life is a struggle for me, most days.
My world is darker than the rest.
And, only I am to blame.
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 7 43
Is this punishment from the heavens above?
Suffering each day, not being with the one I love.
I'd give anything at all to hold him, all through the night.
Do I deserve this pain?
I cry for hours each and every night.
Praying to "god" that I can kiss you as soon as possible.
There isn't a single doubt in my little head,
That you are my other half.
It's just a shame, where I live.
I'm innocent.
You are my true love, no other could be.
Why do I have to live like this?
Moments go by, when I wonder when...
When we will be able to hold each others hand?
Or how long before I have you in my bed.
I need to be patient.
We both do.
One day, in this lifetime our wishes will come true.
Hand in hand, I'll finally be able to kiss you.
Much more than that will occur.
Our fairytale will be a true story.
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 7 6
Souless :iconsilverneedles:SilverNeedles 2 2
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